Tonks up High Yeah yeah, can’t get enough of this new camera. πŸ™‚ This is Tonks… now that is a HIGH box! LOL… a bit too high, I’d say. They moved the prop way out and she did better (yup, Tonks as in Nymphadora from Harry Potter, I love her name!) She won’t need any family insurance with her magic! πŸ˜‰

Keno And this is Keno, she’s the dachshund on the team. Though she may have something else mixed in there. She’s a doll and loves to play with her tennis balls!

Apache And here is the back end of Apache. It’s hard to get the timing just right with these flyball pictures. So this is my slow timing. However, I thought it was a very cute picture anyway, with her back legs as they just pushed off the box. I adore Apache. She’s deaf, and she’s a cattledog, and she is so smart. And has the most gorgeous box turn! Our team, Thunder Paws, is an awesome team and I’m glad I found them!