Geez. My back is in horrible pain. Lower back, and upper back by my shoulder blades. I think my mattress is bad for me. I think it’s too firm. I didn’t even do much yesterday, sat around with the family and had Easter celebrations. We are not religious, but we like to celebrate the holidays. Heck, maybe we should look up some non-Christian holidays and celebrate them as well. Actually, I find celebrating Easter is more like celebrating the spring equinox, as Christmas is celebrating Winter Solstice.

Anyway so I can hardly bend down… I have to bend at my knees and go straight down. Twisting gives me pain, bending at my waist is something I can’t even do. This is awful. I need to fix this. It’s been bad for a while, off and on, but not this bad. This is the worst it’s been, and I didn’t play with the dogs much yesterday at all. Did some training with Tatum and Muffit but that’s it. I did do the flyball on Saturday, but not sure if that would affect me today. Thought of getting some logo pens for the team, would be fun.

Gah, I’m getting old. Old sucks.