Chase on the Dog Walk Tomorrow I’m leaving for a flyball tournament in St. George, Utah. I’m excited… and really, a part of me wishes I could just lie in bed all weekend and let my back get better. Alas… the dogs and the dog sports shall not wait for the measly pain a human, an old human… a busy old and feeble human… might have to endure. Just ask Chase, my border collie, whether or not he would rather stay home while the Mum rests up. He will say ‘Suck it Up Mum!’ LOL.

Agility Setup Chase already has his Top Flight III title with U-FLI… hopefully we’ll get a bunch of points for his next level. Though I’m not quite sure what that level is yet. I should really look it up. I do love titles on my dogs. I figure I’m never going to get any more letters after my name. My school days are over. And the dogs are just more fun anyway. πŸ™‚

And I know, I know, these are agility pictures, not flyball… you’ll have to wait until this weekend for flyball pictures. Though I think I’ll be taking more videos than stills. It’s an indoor tournament so it won’t be bright enough for some good stills. But I’ll give it a try.

I need to find all my gear tonight, and pack tomorrow. I need my little fridge that fits in my car and plugs into the cigarette lighter. My tankless water heater so I can keep warm water with me… well, hopefully I won’t need it. It better not be too cold or snow down there! It snowed here today, but I hope the weather 4 hours south is warmer.

So, wish us luck!