Oh boy.. just got back to the motel. What a day. It was a ton of fun. Chase ran in singles and doubles, in addition to his regular teams. He ran a lot. He needs to be in better shape, as do I, as I say way too often. I wish my back felt better, we need to seriously jog on a regular basis.

Flyball St George

Chase has about 1650 points now.. he got over 600 today. He needs 2500 to get his Top Flight Executive I title. He will probably get that in June when we come back down. He ran his heart out and he loves it. It was a lot of fun getting the timing right for being the start dog. I know pretty good now… 46 feet, let him go when the first yellow light turns on. We got some .003 and .142 starts. Not bad. Got a -.004 too, which was too soon!

Tatum is doing well. She peed twice today and just had a big poop before we left the tournament site. Yay! She goes through times when she’s confident and her tail is up, then something might spook her and her tail sucks between her legs. I stepped on some sage brush and that spooked her pretty good. But she is hanging in there. I know it’s a lot to ask of her, taking her to all these strange places when all she knew for the first year, or more, of her life, was one yard with familiar dogs in it. She is being so good. I wish I could turn back time and socialize her as a puppy. She would be unstoppable, then.

I’m going to get the pictures off my camera, not sure if I’ll get them uploaded. I’m pretty tired and it’s pretty late. We had a good dinner at the trailers of our teammates that are parked at the tournament site. It was a lot of fun. Now, it’s time for bed!

Edit… I added a couple of pictures! I hope my back survives tonight and tomorrow, it was hurting me pretty good today when I was running Chase. Ugh!