I just have to post, briefly, about a sad thing that happened at the flyball tournament this past weekend. We love our dogs… and we know (I’d say all of us, but I guess I have to say most of us) that our dogs perform their best when they are happy and when they trust us humans.

When we were running (we are the Thunder Paws in Utah) we saw a member of another team, angry at his dog.. a red border collie, slam the poor dog into the wall. Not once… but three times. The poor dog was terrified. It was a very sad thing to see. The dog, and the person, were members of Atomic Dogs, a team from Las Vegas.

The judge had a word with him, and our captain talked to their captain. Their captain said that this man’s dogs do love him, and he treats them well… but I cannot believe that. If he is doing that in public, then what does he do at home? Actions like that should never, ever be tolerated. If someone on our team, new or not (he was new, they said) they would be told to leave, immediately, and never come back.

It would be best if we could keep the dog.