Well, we are back. I didn’t post yesterday because I was too tired in the afternoon. Didn’t even turn the laptop on in the morning. I got up about 7:30, packed, and left about 9:30. Hrm.. maybe I got up later than that. I don’t remember now.

Tatum is no longer allowed to sleep on the way home. She was up all evening playing and wrestling and being a terror tot. 🙂 I adore her. I was tired and fortunately she played with Muffit, who had stayed home and was not very tired at all.

I’m thinking of putting together a software package for flyball. For teams to keep track of dogs, times, points, teams… etc. Maybe an online version, maybe a desktop version. Since my husband is not working right now I asked if he would do it. He said yes.. we’ll see, I think it’d be great!

Anyway.. back to work today. I am dropping Entrecards today, too. I wasn’t able to this past weekend.