I’m going to Colorado on Wednesday for a Three Day AKC Agility Trial. I’m driving down to Richfield to hook up with my friend there who has shelties she does agility and obedience with. And we are going to carpool to Colorado and stay there with a friend who has a couple of Australian Shepherds (do I hear a herding breed theme here? LOL). Anyway, it’s a long drive. 2.5 Hours to Richfield, and then another 7 to Denver. I wonder if there will be any new country music stations on the road. I think so… since usually there are many, and sometimes only, country music stations on the road. Unless we had Satellite radio, which we don’t, but it might be nice to have since I travel to dog things so much.

I wish I had a radio that supported iTunes tagging… I spoke about it before a while ago. I always forget the names of the artists when I hear a song on the radio, and if I could tag, it, I could keep track of it!

Fortunately we won’t be driving all the way to Florida, so we won’t be utilizing Florida High Definition Radio stations… but I really am enjoying HD Radio, the local stations, and would love to find more. I like news stations.. yeah I know, I’m old and boring. LOL.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll have internet access for the week I’m there. We’ll see, I’ll bring my laptop just in case!