We have six dogs (please don’t tell animal control – the rescues don’t count, anyway)… and we have a small house, which we bought without really having Home Plans. It’s only 1300 square feet. I really do like our house, though. I wish all the rooms were bigger, so the dogs fit better, and I could do more training indoors… and we need a new kitchen, but other than those things I do like our house. Oh… and it’s brick. I like brick houses, they look nice, but the insulation is rotten and if we have an earthquake, the house will crumble with us inside.

I dream of being able to design my own house one day. Just for dogs.. well, okay for two humans and all our dogs. πŸ™‚ First I’d get a huge sectional couch… because as I sit here there is me on this couch, Tatum at my right (who I keep nudging with my elbow and making her moan), Muffit on my left with his chin on my leg, and Levi on my far left… yes we all fit. LOL.

So next time we buy a house.. and I hope we do get another, I want to start out with some good House Plans so we can have a grooming room, including a bathing room… a practice room that has nothing in it but a good matted floor and mirrors… and a nice backyard so I can practice agility, obedience, and flyball.

I love those Log Homes, and would love if I could find some Log home plans for a new house! And, preferably, have it on about 3 acres of land.. in the woods, with no neighbors so the dogs won’t bug them if they bark.

Okay maybe I’m not completely happy with our house… lol.