Me and Dogs on the Couch Yes… three dogs and one human do fit on a couch. Although barely!

Today I took four of our six dogs to flyball practice. It was fun. πŸ™‚ Chase already knows it and does a great job.

Levi.. I’m going to train him up, because he would have fun even if he isn’t fast. He should learn pretty quick. He went away from me just fine toward the box loader who had some treats, but on the way back he didn’t go over the jumps. He went by them! I thought that was odd. So I know what I have to work on with him.

Tatum is catching on to the jumping, she is such a good girl! I was so proud of her! We had her on just the jumps, and I put a lid and treat out on the other side of the jump like we have been doing at home. And she knew it! She went over the jump and got the treat like a pro! Then we did two jumps… then three! And she got them all! But on the way back… she came back to me but then ran off again and bunny hopped around the park again. LOL she is such a goon. I just adore her. I gave other people treats and she went to them, too, though, which was excellent. I want her to learn to go to people because people are good, not mean. No one is going to grab her collar anymore and drag her. Poor dear. I was just glowing I was so proud of her.

And Muffit.. he is too overwhelmed by the whole environment and just needs to be there for a while and get used to it and distress. Poor guy, he pooped in his crate. Realistically I should only bring him, and I should start really far away from the dogs so he can focus on me and think. He gets too excited and stressed to think. I was hoping he would be better than he is. But he’ll learn. He’ll be okay. I have faith. I knew Tatum would come around, and I know Muffit will, too.

All the dogs are sleeping now.. except Lucy. My Husband didn’t take her for a walk today, so she wants a bone. But if I give her one, all the dogs will wake up and the dynamic will change. And so she gets to just relax today and let the other dogs sleep. And I get to watch TV, fiddle with my HDMI switches on my HDTV, and veg. Flyball is tiring!