Well tonight Tatum went for a visit to her flyball friend’s house. Kibu was very excited to see Tatum… usually Tatum is very nervous in new places. But when the door opens and a very exuberant Kibu jumps out and gets excited, Tatum thinks she’s in heaven!

It was great to see Tatum so comfortable. I’m so proud of that girl. She is my little baby girl. She went outside an ran around like a maniac, sometimes playing with Kibu, sometimes on her own. She explored every nook and cranny of house and yard. I was thrilled. My shy little girl is really starting to get a lot of confidence.

Of course it was Kibu, another dog, being around that made her feel relaxed. But if that’s what she still needs, that’s what she still gets. Eventually I hope she’ll be just comfortable with me.

She is learning to tug with me. Downstairs earlier this evening on the couch she came over and was biting at my hands and clothes. So I redirected her to a sock and we played with that! Yay! I’m so glad she is learning that toys are fun (socks, in our house, are cheap dog toys) and she is starting to tug too. πŸ™‚