ice Yup, more camping pictures, bet you are excited! LOL. This is ice… we have a 2 gallon.. I think it’s 2 gallons, stainless steel water bucket for the dogs. We actually have two of them but only brought on camping. When we woke up on Monday morning this is what we found on top of it. I should have put something near the pic, but it’s gotta be 2 inches thick at least.

chase And then there is Chase, who was digging holes and running amok and having a grand old time. I love the dirty face on this picture. He needs another bath.. he had one when we were in Colorado a week or so ago, but after camping, he is a mess. Angel, Tatum, Lucy and Muffit got baths. Chase and Levi need one too!

If you can’t tell, I absolutely love my new Digital SLR Camera. I took a lot of pictures during the camping trip… I have more in a flicker set… but I’ve already posted most of them here. 🙂 Especially the dog ones.