chase Again This weekend I have entered Chase into a USDAA agility trial. I have taken him before… just once, if I remember correctly, and he does have one Snooker leg and one, I think, Standard leg. I have to look it up on the USDAA site again.

Should be fun. It’s outdoors, and so it might be cold. Ugh. If it’s in the 50s that’d be okay. And he’d like it better. I’ll take Tatum too, and maybe Muffit, though I haven’t decided on Muffit yet.

For the next couple of months I’m only running Levi in AKC agility, and Chase in USDAA agility. I guess maybe I’m just weak.. or something, can’t find the word, but I have a really hard time switching my brain and focus between these two dogs in the same trial. So my trainer has advised me to only run one dog per weekend. Ugh.

Of course the decision was hard to make. Chase is going to do USDAA for a while, and not AKC. Levi gets to keep doing AKC because I want to get him is MXP and MJP titles. He has 5 more to go for his MXP, and 8 more to go for his MJP. We’ll see if maybe if I can focus on him alone for a while, I can get these titles on him. He’s 8… and i don’t like to think about that.

I’ve been told a number of times that Chase would be a great USDAA dog. And so we are going to try it out. He is very fun to run in Gamblers and Snookers. It’s fun when we can make up our own course and even screw up, and still Qualify!

I’m not clear on the teams and pairs, though. Not sure how that works. I guess in June on a Saturday it is teams and pairs only. But how many times do the dogs run in teams? Just once? And Chase is in the Performance category so he jumps 22″. I don’t want him to jump 26″ though I’ve considered it. For now he’s in 22″. So I guess the teams has only 2 dogs? Oh, where is Johann when you need him? LOL.

Wish us luck! I’ll probably take pictures of Tatum… LOL.