Oh my gosh, yesterday at the USDAA trial, was the worst agility day ever. It was windy.. and I hate wind. It was one of those cold biting winds that feels like winter, which sucked. And dust was kicked up all over and so my gas permeable contacts hurt and my eyes got nice and red.

My back was also killing me. At one point in the Pairs run right before the A-Frame, I felt the left side of my lower back go all weak and my pace slowed and I kinda caved in… and Chase, of course, left me in the dust and I was much too far behind him to direct him, so he took the wrong end of the tunnel, and the rest of the course was just a mess after that.

I guess I really do have to do something about this back pain. If it’s affecting my agility, then it’s time to fix it! Ugh! I hate pain! Today I’m going to have a jar of Ibuprophin with me, so hopefully it won’t hurt so bad. I took some last night and I think it helped me to sleep, though today I can still feel my back hurting.

And to top it all off, on the first run of the day, Chase kept going into a tunnel and not listening to me. I know it’s a training issue and we have to work it. But I used my angry voice on him. I wasn’t even mad at him, just frustrated. And the judge had to have a talk with me after to tell me how mean I sounded! Geez.. me? It’s actually kinda funny, if you think about it. I’m the most mild mannered person. LOL. But it really put a bad taste on my entre day. So that with the cold, the wind, and my back pain, it was just a rotten day.

Oh, and… it took 11 hours to run this freakin’ USDAA trial. 11 hours for 83 dogs? I thought that was awful. So at 6pm last night I’m sitting there, my back hurting, cold as snot, wind and dirt in my eyes, trying to cover myself with a towel to stay warm, and just being pissed as hell that it was so late at night.

Of course we had no Qualifying runs.

So let’s hope today is better. Oh yesterday I also took Muffit, and it is finally sinking in to my brain, with the help of my friend Astrid’s clicker knowledge, that Muffit is being too overwhelmed at dog events and I need to help him learn to calm down. So he was another thorn in my side. I love that boy, I want him to succeed, so we are going to work on his issues.

Tatum came with yesterday, she managed to lift my spirits like she always does. I’m going to bring Levi today too, even though I’m not running him, as I missed my boy and he also lifts my spirits. I’m only running Chase, to see if I can do better just concentrating on him, the border collie. Not running the collies. Well, so far, I’m doing worse, not better! 🙂

I’m off for today, making my coffee, gonna shower, taking some Ibuprophin and hopefelly setting myself up for a better day!