Saturday to agility I wore every darn piece of clothing I’d brought which, apparently, was not enough. T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, and two coats. But not my winter coat, just a rain coat. Plus my baseball cap. And as I was sitting trying to keep warm, I had a towel over me too that I had brought to cover the dogs’ crates so they wouldn’t see so much and keep them from barking.

Anyway… I love to wear comfortable clothes when I do agility. usually I just wear jeans, but they can be a bit uncomfortable. So maybe I should wear some dickies scrubs instead!

Scrubs are comfortable and they can be so pretty now, lol. I wonder if they have any with dog patterns, I’ll go and check it out. They also have cherokee medical scrubs. Some of the scrubs are quite pretty and colorful, and short sleeved, and loose fitting so would be every so comfortable!

So these cherokee medical scrubs would be nice to wear, too… seriously, I think I’m going to check them out!