As you know by my prior post about Loving another Species, you’ll know I hold the life of a dog in as high a regard as the life as a human. It’s pretty sad that most of the world does not… yet. When I watch cop shows, the ones that deal a lot with forensic science, and they have a dog they unearth or which has been killed, I tend to wonder why on earth the cops don’t pursue the death or murder of that dog as vehemently as they do they human? Perhaps someday they will. I can only hope.

Computer Forensics is very interesting to me. Not only because it’s computers, and not only because it’s forensics. I’m fascinated by forensics, and I love computers, so putting the two together is just pretty darn cool.

How computer forensic processes work really fascinates me… hrm, I wonder if I could get a part time job in the field when I retire? Would be fun. Though maybe I could apply it to dogs. Unfortunately dogs are not so highly regarded in life, yet. However, more and more torturing and killing a dog, or any pet, is becominning a felony across the US, and that is absolutely wonderful. It’s a start, anyway.