Here is Levi’s first agility run from today. It’s his Excellent B Preferred Jumpers with Weaves run. My collie boy has such a good time doing agility… even thought he’s eight, he’s still having a good time. This is his clean run and I’m so very proud he got the weaves!

As you can see he did great, got his weave entry after the tunnel and finished them all. I was proud of him and we celebrated afterwards. On Friday he didn’t quite weave the first day… ran by them, but on the second run he gave them a try. I brought him back, was excited with him, and he finished them all. I think that helped his confidence for his first run today.

He now has 3 runs towards his MJP. He needs 7 more. He has 5 runs towards his MXP, and needs 5 more. Man these Masters titles are taking us a long time. But that’s okay, Levi is doing great and we are having a good time.

This run he also did great, but he didn’t Qualify. And if you watch his weaves.. you’ll see him bump the second poll. My obedience and agility instructor was telling me (she was watching, yay) that maybe Levi is entering the weaves too fast and he’s not able to control his movement around the second poll. (The reason he pulled out half way through is because he spotted the tunnel, and broke for it. LOL. I saw when his eyes spotted it and he focused on, silly boy. He prefers to weave when there is no obstacle after.. he likes to weave into nothing.)

I have never worked speed into the entry with him. Teaching him to collect. He is very long bodied, and will span up to four polls at a time when he weaves. And if he doesn’t collect and set himself up at the right speed, he might be going in too fast!

My collie boy going too fast? Wow! We’ve had weave problems as long as we’ve done agility. Because of me, of course. And in the last couple years I have really worked at de-stressing them. Well now, maybe it’s something else! Maybe it’s not stress! Maybe it’s something we can really work on! ๐Ÿ™‚

So tomorrow I’m going to play with this, give him an ‘easy’ as he approaches them, see if that might help. Hrm… and we’ll see about doing some training for that entry. too.

Levi did great today and I was very proud of him. I love doing agility with my collie boy. He is such a great boy, and I adore him, and I do hope we have some good years left!