Hehe, I have to laugh at my own title. šŸ™‚ Well, it’s true, when I’m out in the sun at agility trials my face tends to sunburn. So do my hands, arms, and the part in my hair. I guess I need a shampoo that contains sunscreen for my hair, does one exist? Guess I should look it up. I usually just wear a baseball cap.

If I put regular sunscreen on my face and I sweat, it runs into my eyes. It’s awful. Not only because I wear contacts, but it just stings even if my contacts are out. So I need special facial sunscreen that won’t melt with my sweat and run into my eyes.

Looks like Screen, Inc. has some great new sunscreen’s I’m going to check out, and they concentrate on the face. And they are natural and safe. Perfect for agility! I hate sunburns. I want to keep my skin as young and healthy as possible!