Levi I found this picture on my laptop when I was going through old pictures… isn’t he handsome! This is Levi when he was doing the dog show thing. He finished (which means he got his championship) at 18 months old. He’s a very handsome boy. Not too straight in the front, I don’t think… at least for a collie. Collies tend to be quite straight, like Tatum.

Levi has good proportions and he’s a good size. His ears are rotten, but this picture was after they were taped for days and weeks on end, so they stand up fairly well here. Finishing a dog at 18 months old is actually quite quick, and so I am proud of my boy!

Levi was born November of 1999… so this picture is probably from sometime in 2000. Maybe 2001, but we were in and out of the show ring pretty quick. Tell you the truth, I didn’t really enjoy showing, though I say I’d do it again if I got another well bred working smooth collie. Which.. I really am considering getting again, maybe in five or so years. I really am a bit tired of the rescues with all their issues. And I know so much more now than when Levi was a baby. So maybe next dog I’ll get it right! 😉