Levi Tired Yesterday was a busy day. I got maybe three hours of work done in the morning… then the dog things started. And, of course, dog things are more fun that work so work got the back seat.

I met my friend for a split private lesson with our obedience instructor. She got to work her sheltie, and I got to work Levi. We went over a lot of the little things that I haven’t yet taught Levi about obedience. The ins in turns so he’ll stay close. The sit at the halts. And we also worked the dumbbell a bit since now that he has his CD he can go into open, and we have to get that dumbbell polished up! He did really well. We have a box that I stand in so when he comes to do a front, he hops in the box so he knows exactly where he should position himself. He did really well. He’s a good boy, he learns fast, and he knows how to learn so I just have to work these things with him at home on a regular basis and he’ll catch on quick.

Then after the lesson we grabbed a quick sandwich from Subway then we went to watch Penny get filmed for a commercial! I have never watched that before and it was fun! The thing that struck me as most important is dogs that act really have to have distance work. The person has to stay way out of camera shot, so the dog has to be able to do her behaviors far away. Which isn’t something the average dogs knows how to do. Even my dogs don’t know it well, but the obedience training comes in handy here as there is a lot of distance work in the advanced levels of obedience. Penny did great! She is such a cutie and it was really fun to watch!

After that I went home and sat on the couch for about an hour… which went by too fast. Then I got my nails done, then came home and then went to agility practice.

Levi was pooped but he did really well. We were watching him weave and when we put the guides on the first polls, Levi drops his head better and has more speed to get into the weaves. So we are thinking that maybe he just needs that little guide on the first poll. Not even the whole guide, but just a clasp on the poll so he knows where to drop his head and focus. Interesting… I’m getting a full set of competition weaves this weekend so I’m going to practice this and hope it helps! Gotta get my collie boy weaving!

Chase got to do agility practice too, and boy I have to say he is so good. He just flows, he pays attention, and I have really a lot of fun running him. I need more vidoes of him to put up. Hopefully I’ll get some from the next USDAA trial in a couple of weeks.

This weekend is flyball! We are excited except that it’s supposed to be 105 degrees in St. George, Utah. Ugh! I just hope the building is air conditioned!