So I have been teaching Tatum some different agility obstacles. I’ve gone over to my friend and trainer’s house a bit and we got her on the teeter there, the dog walk, in the tunnel, and in the chute. I was amazed at how unafraid she was!


So tonight here at home I put her on my own teeter. It’s one I bought of ebay and I like it. Good quality PVC and we put the board on ourselves. So I had my husband take some pictures as Tatum was going over!


She’s even tipping it over on her own! For the first while I walked with her, hand on her collar, to steady her and to show her how to stay on the board. But after that she was running up it just fine. It’s not at full height yet, I’ll keep it low for some time, but I’m just amazed at how much she likes it an how unafraid she is of the movement!


She is my very smart, very brave girl. I swear, if I had gotten her as a puppy and socialized her young, she would be fearless and very sassy! She is these things at home, and hopefully she’ll be them out in the world too. She is now, for the most part, though new things and places still make her nervous.

But look at my sweet brave girl! I’m so excited to do agility with her! I need to get some cute gold bangles to put on her collar so she’s all pretty and fancy!