Chase in the Hotel This spring has been hard on my physical well being… I do wish I didn’t have to work, then I could rest up and train on the weekends. Spring around here is packed to overflowing with dog sport competitions… agility mostly. This coming weekend I have a USDAA trial and then I don’t have another agility trial for about two weeks.

However, I’m burning out. I walk around my messy house and overgrown yard and think I really need to have some time at home to take care of my house. If I were my husband, I’d be mad at me. He is patient though and doesn’t much mind. But I think I have to stay home the next couple of weekends because I really do have to take care of the house and do some training with the dogs, instead of competing.

Fortunately my car is doing fine and I don’t need any car parts at the moment.  But the house is a mess. I was hoping to go to Richfield weekend after next to do some dog things, but I think I really should stay home and tend to my neglected house and husband. 🙂

I’m still dead tired from the flyball tournament last weekend. Well, no longer dead, I think, but still pretty darn tired.  I need to rest up and take care of myself instead of competing myself into the ground. I’m gonna get sick if I keep it up. And I don’t want to get sick!