Well, the vet did an ultrasound today, and from that they have determined there is no blockage. Ugh! Would they see something for sure? Even if it’s maybe tape or invisible? My husband took her, and dropped her off, and talked to them.

So if there is no blockage, their next guess is it could be Canine Mesaesophagus. Here is some information from their website:

Regurgitation? Not Vomiting?
Regurgitation may be the first sign you notice. Either food or water, sometimes both, may be regurgitated. Regurge is a “passive” act -the stomach muscles typically do not contract or heave. The food brought up by regurgitation is usually undigested, may have a tubular shape, and is often covered with a slimy mucous. He/she will often try to eat the regurgitated material.

And it is true.. she doesn’t do the hacking thing where your stomach contracts and then you vomit. It’s more like she’s just laying there and suddenly, even peacefully, food and water come back up. So she does seem like she is regurgitating more than she is throwing up… aka vomiting.

Lucy is a collie, and she turned 9 years old in February, I wonder if this is common or uncommon in collies. I’ll have to check about that. There’s a yahoo group about this too, which I have joined.

Well, now I get to read more about it… and I have obedience lessons tonight. I hate that Lucy is regurgitating like this… and I guess I need to call it that, not vomiting. I didn’t actually even know there was a difference. My sweet Lucy. They also say, on the website, “Sleep deprivation due to night-time regurges is fairly common”… I have been putting her out of the bedroom at night, and feeling awful about it, or I couldn’t sleep. And I think she’s hungry and thirsty, too. She’s lost three pounds since her last vet visit which was probably early last week.

I hate this. I feel angry and helpless… like I did when Kip was old and his life was ending. I want to run and avoid and even get mad at Lucy… but I’m not mad at her, I’m mad at the bum body she got stuck with. Ugh.