Well… Lucy wasn’t doing too well today, either. She wasn’t really regurgitating much, but she was being very weak in the rear. I have been saying for a few weeks now that her rear just looks weak, like she’s wobbly in the back end. So today she was falling over and my husband was nervous so took her back in.

The vet wasn’t too concerned about the weakness, thinking maybe it was leftover from the sedative yesterday. But they wanted to confirm the Megaesophagus, and so they gave her barium and they did some x-rays to determine what was going on.

Our collie girl is brave and she loves to eat so she swallowed it right down. The x-rays showed food stuck in her esophagus, all the way down to her stomach. Ack! So that told the vet she has Mega-E. Dang, Canine Megaesophagus is too hard to type every time so I’m going to abbreviate.

Mega means an enlarged esophagus… so her esophagus was full and enlarged, but the bottom, where her stomach is, is small and the food can’t pass through into her stomach if she gets clogged. The kinda funny thing about this is that my husband had the exact same thing! He had a balloon put down his throat and expanded so as to make his esophagus bigger. The vet wants to do the same thing to Lucy next week. And while they are there, get a tissue sample to see if maybe she does have cancer.

This could be caused by cancer or by gastrointestinal problems. Another tough word to spell, lol. Anyway, time for me to get home from work. But at least this is something. We have to feed her small portions of wet food and keep her upright for a while so hopefully it goes down. We will do all we can for our sweet Lucy smooth blue collie girl!