*sigh*… overwhelmed. Can you say “Overwhelmed?” We are getting our old foster boy, Tony, back. Big smooth sable collie boy. I think something else might be mixed in there.. I need to find a picture of him and post it up. As much as I love Tony, he’s a handfull. Mainly because of Lucy’s Megaesophagus that she has been diagnosed with. Plus, I’m having PMS which always makes me feel like my life is falling apart. And we already have six dogs. Sure we can handle Tony okay… but it’ll be a stretch until he settles back in or until CAWS can find another foster home for him.

Tony is a big love but… though he likes to bark. I’m going to have to get serious with him and not put up with his barking anymore. Even a little bit. Not sure what I’ll do, but he has got to learn that barking is just not acceptable. He’s a big smart boy, he should be able to figure it out.

My Husband is going to go pick him up today, so he’ll be at our house when I get home. I think he was too much of a handful for his adoptive family. He has a pretty strong will, and I’ve had to make sure he knew who was boss a couple of times. Which makes me wonder if he has another breed in there because collie boys are usually just love bugs and people pleasers. I guess he’s been marking, and that will not fly at our house. Even if we have to crate him. And he’s trying to be dominant, which will also not fly at our house. So we’ll see how it goes when he comes back, and hopefully we’ll keep Chase from attacking him every half hour.

I need a break.