Lucy Upright EatingWhen we feed Lucy now, we are feeding her a blended mix of a can of canned food and a can of water. It’s working really well. And she loves it, of course! We have to keep her head elevated for about fifteen minutes so gravity will help the food move her food down into her stomach, so she won’t regurgitate it because of her megaesophagus.

Well, so far, so good. We have had minimal, if any, regurgitation in the last couple of days! Yay! We are feeding her half the mixture at a time, which seems like a lot to me, but her body is able to handle it. The fewer feedings for us humans, the easier it is. Especially when my husband goes back to work and we won’t have someone home all day to feed her.

My husband and I deserve some diamond rings, and Lucy does too, for all the work we are putting in! 🙂 But we love Lucy and will do everything we can for our collie girl. We haven’t heard back about the antibodies test yet for that autoimmune disease, hopefully they’ll come back this week.

If Lucy does have Myasthenia gravis, it could explain why she has been low energy all of her life. And she’s also seeming to lose more bladder control. She always had spay incontenence, but lately she lays down and the pee just runs out of her. And when she goes out to pee it’s pretty clear, so we are getting a lot of liquid down her. We might have to consider putting diapers on our smooth collie girl.