Jessie April 08Jessie was rescued by Marie when she was five years old. And Aussie girl, I met her first when she was doing NADAC agility probably around 2004 or 2005. Marie would remember more!

Jessie passed away on Monday. She went to the vet and her liver tests were very, very bad. She was no longer eating, or drinking, and she was no longer her spunky self. Her Mom, Marie, made the decision it was time to let Jessie go, so she would not have to suffer. I admire her for the decision, it’s a hard one to make.

Jessie is no longer in pain. She had a good life in one of the most amazing dog and human families I have ever known. If you have some time, please visit Resq Tails and wish Jessie and Marie some love and support. It’s much too difficult to lose one of our pack, our family. Even though we know their lives are short. Much too short. We love them all.