Chase Dylan BoxI gotta get these pictures to my friend and flyball teammate, Christy. There are some cute ones of Dylan swimming too. 🙂 Chase is in the foreground, and Dylan is in the back. Chase was having an awful box turn day. He really needs the prop to keep him at his swimmer’s turn when we practice. Dylan, on the other hand, Christy clicker trained his box turn and it’s gorgeous and it’s consistent.

I hope to get Muffit’s and Tatum’s box turns better than Chase’s is. Actually, I think flickr might be having problems, as I can’t see many of my photos right now. Hopefully they’ll come up soon.

I’m dead tired, did obedience training this morning, built some portable jumps I can bring with me anywhere, and drove Tony back and forth to Petsmart. On a good note, Tony might have another, better foster home to go to this week. Though I feel awfully guilty about it, I do know that he’ll get more attention from the people, and less grief from Levi and Chase, if he goes to another foster home. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m tired, I’m going to try to go read a real live book I got from the library… but I may end up falling asleep before I get very far. 😉