Cute Cue!Just finished feeding Lucy in her chair. Thanks everyone for the comments about her chair! She does well in it, still struggling a bit but she’ll get better. And she does get yummy food in her chair!

This is a picture of Cue, my friend in Colorado just brought her home a couple weeks ago. Isn’t she a doll!? What a cutie. So confident, well bred, and pretty too! Oh.. and a quick note, I had a car accident last Friday, and that’s why my posting has been a bit spotty as of late. I hope to get some more posting in in the next few days. Didn’t need to use term life for the accident. I think I’m okay, but sometimes it can take a few days for the injuries to come out. So we’ll see.

I may be off the computer today, I hope to go see The Mummy, and then flyball practice after. Should be a fun day. 🙂