Kia 02The happiest thing I can see in life is when a dog gets an amazing, wonderful, great home. And this girl has found it. Her name was Penny when she was at the Spanish Fork shelter two days ago. Today.. well, we are not sure what her new name is yet (Kia or Cami?) but regardless, she is one happy girl and she has no idea, as of yet, the great life she has fallen into.

Kia 03I spotted her on Petfinder as I knew some friends of mine were interested in adopting a young border collie girl. They have two older dogs, Dylan and Hope, which are also wonderful dogs. And they were ready to bring another young girl into their home to have as a companion, best friend, and a flyball dog.

They discovered this cute girl on Petfinder, went down (about an hour drive) to the Spanish Fork Shelter to meet her. Instantly they fell in love with her, snatched her up, and brought her home. She’s about eight or nine months old, very spunky and friendly with dogs and people, and she’s going to be a great flyball dog! She was too wiggly to get a really good picture of her, but I plan on trying a lot in the future!