So… I haven’t posted much about it here, but on August 1, 2008 I was in a car accident. A lady ran a red light on the way into work and I T-Boned her. She flipped and rolled a good 50 or 60 yards, so she was going pretty fast. There was a witness who said she ran the red and the police cited her then and there.

Anyway, my Subaru Outback has over $12,000 in damage and it is still in the shop. My insurance is going to check it out today to see if they will total it or not. I’ve been waffling back and forth between wanting my Outback back, or wanting a new car… a minivan.

So I’ve been looking around for a better dog vehicle. Where I can have four dogs, maybe even all six, crated. And so far I like the Toyota Sienna best.

I had a 1990 Toyota pickup for 14 years and loved it. I like Toyotas. And Minivan… while I still would prefer a car, my lifestyle really warrants a Minivan over a car.

So the question is, do I want my Outback back, or do I want a Minivan? Can I afford a Minivan? And a car payment? Bleh… but now I have the new car bug. I hate getting the new car bug! Maybe I need some new eyeglasses in order to see straight and make a good decision!