Dog TrailerI have a lot to post about! First.. here is our camp! We had a great time at the RV Park. Snake River RV Park inm Idaho Falls, Idaho… the people were amazingly wonderful! And it’s a very dog friendly RV park. As you can see, too, we camped on grass which was very nice. And the dogs enjoyed the trailer, and even Chase was nice to the shelties we camped with (Rogue and Twist!)

My cell phone was being weird from there, though, sending blank text I guess! But maybe if I had some unlocked cell phones it would have worked better. No worries, we had my new GPS unit so we were able to find our way to the show site and back quite easily. As well as to food places and ice cream stores!

The show site was very nice, too, and I’ll post about it later, as well as how Levi did. Briefly, no Qs, but he was a sweet boy and had a lot of fun! And that’s the best part!