Well the Control Unleashed seminar is done. It was very interesting. I was, unfortunately, pretty much racked in pain for most of it and so I’m not sure how much I’m going to remember. I took some notes, which I don’t have with me right now, but I will go look them over and the information should come back. I’m still not feeling well, my neck still hurts quite badly today. That’s why I haven’t done much posting lately.

I’m thrilled that I have received a couple of comments from families who have Tatum’s sisters! How cool is that? I am excited to be emailing with them too. Tatum has two sisters… though one of them passed away recently. Her name was Foxy. If you want to see her you’ll have to head on over to Tatum’s Blog to see her.

Hopefully we’ll get some pictures of Tara, Tatum’s other sister. It’s amazing how much Foxy and Tatum look alike!

I’m not training much, trying to get my neck back in order. Going to go to some physical therapy hopefully this week. So until then, we can check out our futures trading to see what that is doing, and then get back to dog training.