Even though I’m a bit burned out on my dogs sports, I still love doing them, and so do the dogs. I want to train more… trial less, and that is my plan for the next while. Through the winter i hope to get Tatum and Muffit on the flyball box, and doing jumps. Get Tatum doing agility… maybe even have Muffit do some agility too, we’ll see how that goes.

That is a video of Chase and I doing FAST in AKC agility. He is such a great distance dog, it’s fun to do agility with him though we need some work.

I find myself looking for places to put my videos online so everyone can see them. SportsVids is a great place to do so. I can upload lots of sports videos and have all my friends watch them! Online sports videos are fun, especially dog sports, of course. Watching sports clips of dog events helps me be a better handler for sure. And I do want to be a better handler. I think I have the ability inside me, I’m just not sure how to access it at this point. But it will come… maybe doing some ASCA or DOCNA agility will help me develop more of my own skills.