Tatum and MuffitWell, it’s a rainy day today. Flyball practice is even cancelled for tomorrow since it is going to rain, and probably even snow. There is snow in the mountains up near us already. I guess this means winter is coming.

You can see in this picture I have halloween decorations up in the windows. πŸ™‚ Muffit and Tatum, the only dogs to follow me upstairs, didn’t want to come outside in the cold. It’s only about 44 degrees outside, it’s really not that cold yet. It will get much much colder around here. Our winters are way too long, our summers much too short. But we have some plans of what to do this winter in the dog training area!

I have flyball jumps in the house, and 2×2 weave polls. I can work stays and waits and dumbbells. No room for english saddles storage with all my dog stuff! I need to work Tatum’s stay. And I think I’m just going to do with Muffit, everything I do with Tatum. Why not. I was working Tatum and the dumbbell yesterday a bit between cooking soup for dinner. Simple so far, just lick squeeze cheese off the dumbbell and get clicked for it. Actually, she was offering licks without the cheese, and then I’d click and put cheese on. And the same for Muffit. They both did well. Getting them to mouth the dumbbell is tricky, though. It’s a big step for a dog and we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I’m just being a bum and doing some small training this weekend. yay, I like being a bum!