PA133104 We have a bunch of.. well, tomatoes left over. They didn’t all turn red before picking time, and since it froze last weekend we wanted to try to salvage them for later. I do love my tomatoes!

PA133102 We have them laid out in our spare bedroom so they will ripen. And Angel just thought that was the coolest thing, a whole scattering of green toys!

She loves to steal things and get chased. She’s our only dog we do this with. We don’t play ‘chase the puppy’ with any of the other dogs, because it can be so rewarding to them that they don’t want to come!

Anyway, if you look closely you’ll see that Angel’s green ball isn’t, actually, a green ball, but a green tomato. She was so excited to get it that I just couldn’t take it away from her. So I chased her around the house and out the dog door a few times. I love when she gets happy being chased! She gets all goofy and squiggly. And I have to make sure I run slowly, acting like I run fast, so I don’t actually catch her. ๐Ÿ™‚