Muffit and Sadie So for a night we have the privilege of having a house guest! And as you probably can guess, this is a recipe for lots of fun and play. Of course Chase and Levi are banished to their Dad’s computer room, but the rest of the dogs are nice and are happy to have Sadie visit.

Muffit, Tatum and Sadie I actually thought Tatum would be the main player… but it seems Muffit is instead. Sadie and Muffit have been having a great time this morning playing, barking, and making a lot of noise. Tatum is, of course, joining in as she can.

Muffit and Sadie I snapped these pictures early this morning as I’m working from home and the dogs are being nutty. 🙂 Though as I type this now, they have calmed down and are sleeping again. I guess they got their play out of them. Sadie actually started it. She brought me a toy even. And she is a snuggly and a love bug. I’m already in love with her. Isn’t she pretty? She is so soft, too, and such a doll.

It makes me happy to have a foster again in the house… but at the same time, my heart melts, and I wish we could keep her. What has happened to me in my old age? I thought I was supposed to get tougher and more callus and not fall in love with the fosters so much. But the opposite has happened and I love them more, and wish I could keep them all. Well, that’s why we ended up with six dogs. 🙂

But Sadie has an awesome foster home with Christy, and she’ll go back there today. And Chrisy is so good at finding homes for her fosters, so Sadie will find a great forever home. 🙂