Pretty Angelwell, finally I found a new wordpress theme that I like for this blog. yay! I was using the Dkret3 theme for years and years… and I liked it, I just got tired of customizing it every time I wanted something different.  Customizing is okay and can be fun as long as you have time… but I just don’t anymore. And so I found this free them that I like even better, anyway!

New colors and a new layout. And I love the little images I put of all my dogs in the top right corner.  Yay!  What a nice theme.. to have a sidebar option in the header. All themes should have that option!  And I like blue, even though blue has been over done in my life, because it’s kinda my favorite color.  I use it all over, but I like this blue and so I think I’ll keep it.

A new fresh theme is always nice, like a new coat of paint or a vacation for something different.

Oh and the picture.. that is Angel!  She is such a sweetie. I snapped that when we were camping last April, 2008, at Topaz Mountain.  She had a great time, as did all the dogs, and us too of course.

Well, back to work.. just wanted to say I’m excited about this new theme! I have to have a nice layout in order to want to post to my blogs. Dunno why… I just do. I like things nice and neat and clean on my laptop and my sites.  I wish I did in my house, too!