Chase FrisbeeWell at long last I finally took Chase out for some agility training. It’s been quite a long time since we have done agility.. I think the beginning of September.  Got too busy with the cruise and obedience and flyball.

Chase does awesome.  My friend and trainer is pretty impressed how good he can be at agility, since he freshly comes off flyball practice and tournaments. And he still pays attention to me and remembers his agility. Though, strangely enough, he didn’t remember his distance as well as he remembered his close work.  Which is odd, because he is such a good distance dog.

This picture is of Chase, but a couple of months ago.  It was cold today, somewhere in the 50s. But Chase loves it cold.

We practice a serpentine.. I have not done many serpentine’s with him.  My friend Julie showed me how to run a serpentine… setting him up at a steep angle to the first jump, and me running in a straight line along the jumps. Wow, it worked great! Chase didn’t drop a bar and ran smoothly and hit his contact on the A-Frame.. we did the frame after the last of the 3 serpentine jumps.

It was fun, I hope to do some more agility training with him before we run in the USDAA trial December 7th.  We’ll just have fun. I entered Levi, too. In just one run a day in agility. I’m also going to enter Levi in the ASCA and UKC obedience that’s going to be there, too. He’s in novice in both, so he should do a good job! No out of sight stays!  🙂 As long as I have my eyeglasses and can see what is going on!