Lucy Camping

Ugh… got back from the vet for Lucy. Angel came with for the ride. Lucy didn’t get any treats at the vet… she throws them up if she does. I feel bad for her because she soooo loves the treats they have at the vet. My poor Lucy girl. The Megaesohagus is such a pain.

They tested her urine and yup, she has a bad bladder infection! I wish we would have taken her in sooner! Usually it’s my husband that insists on taking the dogs in and I say wait. But this time I wanted to take her in.  She’s on Baytril for 21 days. And they want to test her again 2 days before she’s done with the antibiotics. The vet said she has a lot of rods, and not many round cells in the bacteria… though I’m not sure what that means, I guess it means it’s a pretty bad infection. My poor girl.

She got in the house and drank a bunch, so I put her in her chair for 6 minutes. Then she just went upstairs and had another big drink. I hope the meds help her soon! Bladder infections are just awful! We got some ground beef from the grocery store and I cooked it up, put it in the blender with some water and a pill, and let her drink it in her chair.

Hopefully the pills will kick in quickly and she won’t be in pain.  If this doesn’t stop her incontenence, then we will probably look into meds for that, too. My poor baby girl.  The above picture is from a camping trip we went to in April of 2005.  Isn’t she a sweetie?