Levi and Angel 2003I was just sitting around and looking at old pictures from five years ago and wondering where life was then. And where my life and dogs will be in another five years.

Five years ago was 2003… and we were fostering a couple small dogs, a silky terrier mix named Jojo and a Shitzu named Sammy.  We only had Lucy, Levi and Angel at that time. This picture is of Levi and Angel at an agility trial my husband came to and brought Angel with.

Levi was only four and we’d only had Angel for a year. Lucy was only five and she was healthy and strong, didn’t have the medical problems she has now.. the megaesophagus, the incontinence, and the general not feeling well.

Our family was smaller, but happy.  My husband and I had just gotten married in March of 2003. We live in the same house.  We have different vehicles, though.  I still had my Toyota Pickup as I didn’t get my Outback until 2004.  Now my Outback is for sale and I have a minivan, and three more dogs.  Wow a lot can change in five years.

I wonder where I’ll be five years from now. Lucy and Angel might not be alive.. hopefully they will, but we just never know. Levi, too, will be old or gone.  Lucy would be fifteen and Levi would be fourteen. We don’t know how old Angel is but we suspect she’s around twelve now.  So she’d be seventeen, if she lives that long.

Chase will be ten, and so will Muffit. Tatum will be about eight.  And it’ll be time for a new puppy, I hope. And I will be retired, or thinking of retiring.  Which makes me very, very happy!  Maybe we’ll be moving to Richfield, Utah, and getting some property and some sheep or goats.

Where do you think you will be in five years? Where were you five years ago?