I was watching It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet the other day… there was a pit mix named Cashmere who would regularly escape the people’s yard by digging under the fence.  Victoria Stilwell said that one of the reasons Cashmere was prone to digging out of the yard was most likely because she wanted to experience the wide world out there.

Running After Flyball
After Flyball Practice

She was, also, probably bored as she didn’t get enough exercise or mental or physical stimulation or maybe even enough linear motion.  Which I completely agree with.  My dogs get a lot of physical exercise since I bring them to dog sports practice… though Lucy and Angel don’t come with as much as they used to, they are older and are content laying on the couch and going for walks around the block with my husband.

But I was wondering what you might think of dogs, and how much they want, or need, to experience the world outside the home.

I think it’s an important part of a dog’s life to get outside of their yard and home and see the world. Not only for exercise and mental stimulation, but also for socialization so the dogs get used to other people and other dogs, as well as other animals and environmental scenery.  I do, however, have the goal of competing with my dogs in dog sports, and so it’s imperative for my dogs to be able to be stress free and confident in any type of situation.

But what about for a house dog?  I’m sure it depends on the dog… but still, I think it would benefit all dogs to get out into the world. Even for those dogs not participating in dog sports.  But a run in the park is invaluable and enriches a dog’s life.  I know I wouldn’t want to stay home in my box of a house, and box of a yard, all my life.  And I wouldn’t want my dogs to either!

I have never had a dog that was prone to escaping. Maybe some will escape no matter how much exercise they get… or how much mental stimulation? I am just wondering. I like to think I give my dogs enough to do that they won’t want to escape. Or so I hope!