Happy Sasha
Happy Sasha

Well I am very happy to report that Sasha is doing so much better! I went to visit her a couple of days ago, and dropped Lily of to her new home (yup Sasha’s foster wants to keep Lily!) and I was amazed by how much Sasha’s nose has healed up.

Sasha looks so great!  She even has hair starting to grow back. And it hasn’t been that long. The biospy of her nose came back, and as the vet feared, she has Canine Pemphigus.  However, it appears to be one of the milder forms. It’s an autoimmune disease and she’ll have it her whole life.  But the vet is hoping (and so are we) that we will be able to control the outbreaks with tetracycline and vitamin B3.

Sasha’s foster Mom has been putting neosporin on her nose and that, it seems, has helped too. Along with a healthy diet and a good environment, we all think Sasha will be just fine!  I’m so releived and excited.

It is possible she could get worse, not better… and then she might have to go on steroids. However, with her already healing up, I think the possibility of her on steroids is quite low. And we have someone who may be interested in adopting her, too. I have been honest about her condition (I couldn’t be otherwise, lol, since I’m scrapbooking her progress here on my blog), but hopefully her condition won’t dissuade a potential adopter.

I’m just thrilled that she is doing so well. We did get her prescriptions filled from the doctor, and her foster Mom is giving them to her.  Eventually we will back her medications off to see what the minimum acceptable dosage is to keep her collie nose outbreaks under control.

Otherwise, Sasha doesn’t care she has a scabby nose. She’s as happy as a clam and such a cute wonderful collie girl!  We still are a bit behind on funds in Utah Collie Rescue, we haven’t quite covered her bills, even with donations.  Hopefully her adoption fee will help pay for some of her medical as well.

Yay for Sasha!s