Well, dealing with so many dogs, it was inevitable! I was working with Chase today, having him find a treat under my watch and then clicking him when he got it (this is for him to focus on my watch when we do obedience) and then Lucy came down. Chase is upset because we have a visitor dog for a while… and Chase went after Lucy.

Chase and Tatum
Chase and Tatum

Chase is a big resource guarder and this was no exception. Though usually he doesn’t go after another of our dogs if there are only treats around. He’s on edge because of this other boy dog who is in our house for a bit. So… I think the visitor needs to go, he needs another foster home. Ugh. I feel bad, but I do have to put Chase first.

This picture is of Chase, the black one, laying next to Tatum on a bed. When it’s just the six of us, he’s fine. He’s relaxed and himself. But throw another male dog into the mix, who is around for more than a couple of days, and Chase goes over the edge. Poor Chase. If we are away from home… in a hotel like a hotel in las vegas, he’s better. But still he has space issues and if dogs he doesn’t know stay with us, I have to keep him separate.

I have one puncture and one scrape and my arm aches pretty good!  My husband says maybe I should get a tetanus shot, as I haven’t had one in over ten years. So maybe I’ll go in.  Ugh. I don’t want to go to the doctor again! Oh well.  Chase is a good boy, I didn’t get mad at him, though he did get some crate time.

We need peace in our house again.