Tatum Mat
Tatum Mat

For some reason Tatum just touched my heart as soon as she came into our home and I couldn’t let her go.  That was just over a year now.

I’m a strong leader of my dog pack.  The dogs stay in line, listen to me, do as I say, and respect me as leader. Even the pit bull we fostered for a week respected me. She was a great dog and I didn’t let her get away with any crap. I treated her with love and respect too and got the same in return.

With my collies, though, I tend to spoil them. Levi used to be the worst, but now Tatum is.  And I just thought I would make a funny post of the things I have done with her that have caused her to think a bit too highly of herself!

So don’t do these things… because they are things I’ve done to create a spoiled girl!

  1. Whenever you are sitting on the couch, and your dog stares at you because she wants a spot, don’t make room for her! You will create a dog that will whine and carry on until she gets a spot on the couch! (Actually Levi does this but Tatum is getting closer.)
  2. Don’t give her a treat whenever you are eating or whenever she asks for it!
  3. Don’t take her everywhere with you or she’ll never learn how to be comfortable when she’s alone.
  4. Don’t dress her in pink sweaters and matching pink collars… ooo wait, Tatum has these!
  5. Don’t baby her when touching her feet and she hates it. Be firm, put her on a grooming table, and be firm with her feet. She’ll be fine!

So yes, Tatum is spoiled! But she’s a good girl and she is learning. And with her, it was necessary to raise her confidence. She was a very frightened girl when she came to live with us.  I had everyone give her treats so she reached the point where she wasn’t as afraid of people. I grab her collor and walk with her because she was so very collar shy.

Dogs are great to train, I am fascinated by each dog and how individual they are when they learn. It’s just a good thing that Tatum is not a pit bull or a large forceful breed. She’s a collie, and while she does have her overindulgences, I know her limits and mine and what I can let her get away with and what I cannot let her get away with.

She’s still my baby girl and I’ll spoil her for her whole life!