LaylaWell, I haven’t been posting this weekend because I’ve been doing agility with Levi and Chase. I wanted to see how Levi was going to do this year with his weaves… and Friday wasn’t too good. His course was okay, not perfect, but not as bad as it was last June. Though I’ve been told he’s starting to get stiff. He’s 9 now so I have to watch him.  He didn’t Q… he didn’t enter the weaves the first time then the second time he popped at the 10th poll. I didn’t run him today.

Chase has been doing pretty well but, as is typical for AKC trials for us, we haven’t Q’d yet. I’ll post some runs on YouTube tomorrow or Monday after I get them off my camera. Chase has done good though he’s been dropping some bars. He’s paid pretty good attention to me but still not good enough to Qualify.

And though I’ve been trying to eat good this weekend tonight I had chocolate and bananas so maybe a weight loss pill would help me but I think being on my feet all day helps even more.

I’m dead tired… so headed to bed early. This picture is of Layla, the black tri sheltie who came to visit us, isn’t she a doll?  I’m too tired to post more now so I’ll do it in a day or two, good night!