Here are Levi’s runs from agility last weekend. He’s such a good boy and I love running him still. We have been doing agility for five years now. Wow, five years! I don’t even know what I did before agility. I must have had a ton of time!

Levi is 9, he’ll be 10 in November, and I know that is the age where things can start getting stiff and dogs can start slowing down.

So if you think he looks stiff, let me know. His weaving is typical, and I don’t think we have time, or energy, to go about fixing his weaves again. So I think he’s probably going to be done with AKC trials. My goofy collie boy has been a good boy. He’s more than half way to his AXP, and has 3 legs to his AJP, and I think that’s good enough for both of us. He’s my boy!