GEEZ I’ll tell ya, flyball is way too much work. I’m home, finally, sitting on the couch and way too tired to go upstairs and get my camera to load any pictures.

Chase did great, his team took first place in division four on Sunday. Our junior handler got a .000 start with her Border Collie Oreo. Our fast team (not Chase’s team) got under 18 seconds in a heat… 17.8! That was fun, having a really fast team.

pelle1I love my team, the Thunder Paws, great people, fun times. Our next tournament is in April, NAFA, in Pahrump Nevada. That should be fun. I’m way behind in my blogging because the hotel didn’t have wireless. It’s a nice hotel though they have Discount Blinds and the dogs tend to bark, but not too much!

Oh, here is a picture… there was a Danish Swedish Farmdog on Touch n Go and he was an awesome dog! His name is Maverick and he’s fast, with a 4.3 average and fastest times in 4.1. I’m looking into seeing if I can maybe add one to my pack, in a year or so. They are a small dog that would be a great height dog, with a brain, a nice body, different from a terrier (not sure I really want a terror) and smart, good energy, and I hear they have an off switch. I would love to do agility and obedience with her, too. Maybe even some herding, and maybe go-to-ground, that’d be fun I’ve never done that. These dogs are also friendly and get along with people and dogs.  I’m looking into possibly buying one.  Though they are very rare, and expensive, so I’d have to save up my pennies and see when any litters are due.

I know I know, I usually rescue, but I’m tired of rescue dogs with all their issues. I’ve learned a lot from the for sure, and now I’m ready to apply that knowledge to a nice well bred puppy!  I’ll let you know what I hear back from the breeders.

For now, good night!