Do you track your training… or your competition? I don’t, really. I know I know, I should.  But I don’t.  I used to write down every run in competition, good or bad, Q or NQ.  But I gave that up because it was one of those things I was obsessive about and then burned myself out on quick.  Maybe I’m just not that… detailed. 🙂

Anyway, if you do track, how do you do it?  I should track training because I do like to see how my dogs progress.  I actually use this blog to do some tracking, but that’s about it. I wish I had a little electronic gismo I could easily carry around with me and record things on, either written or verbal. I used to have a PDA but I no longer do, my laptop pretty much replaced it.

I should look for a good sale, that would help. Though I’m kinda out of money now. But a PDA would be a nice thing to have again, or a little tiny personal computer. Dangit, I hate looking around for stuff like this, now I want one?  Though has some great deals right now. And every time I buy something, I figure hey, I’m paying sales tax and helping out the bad economy.   The bad economy kinda scares me a bit, I just hope I can keep my job, that is the most important thing. And since I work for the government, taxes pay my salary! And buying something for Valentine’s Day is kinda fun…

Anyway.. back to the point, what tracking methods do you use, if any?