In Obedience, the dogs have to sit for one to three minutes, depending what level you are in. In Novice it’s a one minute sit stay with the handler in sight. In Open, it’s a three-minute sit stay with the handler out of sight.

This is a picture of how Tatum sits comfortably. I hope to do obedience with her sometime.  And when we do, I’ll have to find the position she can hold for up to three minutes.

Most dogs are supposed to sit upright on their haunches, square, as that is a solid position and the dog won’t tip over and go into a down. If they go into a down, they are NQ’d and don’t get a leg. However, it seems Tatum and Levi are both more comfortable when they have a bit of a swivel in their hips.

Levi will be in Open A Obedience in March in AKC. Three days. Actually, this month on the 14th I entered him in one day of ASCA Open A obedience too. Hopefully, he’ll hold his sit stay, and his down stay. The rest of his Open working is coming along nice. Actually, his stays are too.

Does this mean the dog has bad hips? I haven’t had either Tatum or Levi x-rayed, so I don’t know. I figure if I have them x-rayed and they do have bad hips, then what will I do… not compete or train with them anymore? Ugh. So far, the only sign they might have iffy hips is this sideways sit. Otherwise they seem fine and have not had any signs of bad hips or any problems. And, fortunately, collies are not prone to hip displasia!