I am so thrilled! I took Tatum and Muffit out to the local agility barn today and Tatum did so great!

Tatum A-Frame
Tatum A-Frame

She is a maniac on the A-Frame! Well, no, not a maniac, LOL, but she’s fast and not afraid at all. I thought she might be afraid of the contacts and I’m so glad she isn’t! She doesn’t even need corsets to keep her together! LOL

This picture is from last summer, one of her first times on the A-Frame. She is going to basically have a Four on the Floor. Because she is so straight and square I don’t want her back to be hurt doing a 2 on 2 off.  And I am scared of running contacts because I like being able to catch up with my dogs!

Tatum goes up fast, then down, and lays herself down on her mat and eats the treat that is in the clip at the bottom. She already does it all by herself! I’m so happy. She also has to give me a paw touch before she goes up, so she’ll stay connected.

Muffit did good too but mainly we did relaxation on his mat. I did get him on the dog walk with treats, he was okay with that. He was afraid of the bang of the teeter so we’ll have to work on that.  Otherwise he had his gentle leader on as we walked around and stayed calm. If he’s off his gentle leader then he bounces all over the place and doesn’t know how to calm down. On the GL he is much better!

Anyway, it was fun… I really hope I’m not catching a cold… I feel a bit off now that I’m home. Ugh.